No One But You

Who can melt the hardest heart

And speak life into my soul

Who can spin the world around

And hold me ever close


Who can search the depths of me

And love me to the core

Who controls the world I see

And walks me through it all


No one but You 

No one but You


Who has made the righteous bright

Who has paved my way with grace

Loved me through my darkest hours

A thousand different ways


I’ll sing of Your love

I can’t get enough

I just want You


The Lord of my soul

King of my heart

Jesus it’s You


Hear the oceans roar

See the skies light up

Every heart now

Sing to the Lord


Hear the rocks cry out

See the mountains bow

Every heart come worship the Lord


No one no one

No one no one

No one, Lord, but You

Written by Aodhan King, Brooke Ligertwood, and Scott Ligertwood
© 2019 Hillsong MP Songs (BMI)
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