Breakthrough Miracle Power

The odds stacked against me

I’m surrounded on all sides

But I’ve heard you can part the waters

So in Your name come and turn the tide


I’m Staring at this mountain

No chance I’m getting through

But I’ve heard they can melt before you

So in Your name Im asking it to move


Let that breakthrough miracle power pour out

I need a breakthrough miracle moment right now

Only in You and with You, my victory is found

So bring that breakthrough miracle power, let it rain down


The fires around are raging

I feel the heat at every turn

but I’ve heard that you’re in it with me

now by faith, I’m standing on your word

in your name, I know I won’t be burned


As long as You’re in it

the story’s not finished

I know you’ve overcome

so I know I’ll overcome


The cross stands before me

It’s finished, it is done

Yeah I heard you told death it was over

So in Your name, I will claim this fight is won

Written by Patrick Mayberry, Bede, and Kristian Stanfill