Every breath, it is a gift

Every moment is a treasure

All my past and my regrets

My present and my future

Every table is a feast

Every heartbeat is an altar

Every step a mystery

I’m walking with the author


So, I fix my eyes upon You

I fix my eyes upon You

I fix my eyes upon You

I fix my eyes


All praise all praise

Heaven bent to meet us

Father, Son, and Spirit

All praise all praise

God and man together

One with us forevermore


In famine we will eat

In drought we’ll see a downpour

So, let all our fighting cease

The Prince of Peace has conquered


Why should my heart grow weary?

Don’t be so downcast, O my soul

You are in every moment

You are my greatest miracle


WRITTEN BY Sean Curran, Daniel Bashta, Dante Bowe, and Steffany Gretzinger
© 2019 sixsteps Songs / Capitol CMG Paragon / Sounds Of Jericho (BMI) (admin. at / Heritage Worship Publishing / Go Forth Sounds (ASCAP) (Admin by
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