More To Come



You’re the God who makes the giants fall   

You bring down the walls of Jericho    

You’re the God who gives the miracle    

We believe    

-More To Come


Remembering is a powerful thing. We are not promised every day will be the brightest and the best. We are living in a world broken by sin and filled with pain and heartache. In fact, I’m willing to bet that each and every one of us reading this right now have been disappointed, heartbroken, let down or walked through the valley of the shadow of death at some point in life. As sons and daughters of the living God, these are the times when remembering is crucial.

Our God has a perfect track record. He has never broken a promise and has never failed to keep His word. His ways are trustworthy and His heart is good. We can look back through scripture and see all the ways that He has been a deliverer, provider, protector, guide and Savior to His people. We can even look back on our own lives and see how His hands have held us, protected us and led us through desert seasons. These moments and miracles are markers. They are rocks of remembrance that we return to when we find ourselves in the fight of our lives wondering if He is with us. It’s God’s past faithfulness that gives us confidence for today and for whatever lies ahead.

Lift your eyes today and remember the God who holds you. He is good. He is powerful. He is near. He does come through. He is sovereign over all. He has a plan. He is Lord. He is not done. There is more to come.

Your word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens. Your faithfulness continues through all generations; You established the earth, and it endures. Your laws endure to this day, for all things serve You.

Psalm 119:89-91


written by: Kristian Stanfill

Photos by: Austin Bell + Brooke Bennett