Before following Jesus, we were all building our lives on something.


Whether it was a relationship, an achievement, a dream, a failure, or our own plan, our foundation was our own making. We can only build our lives with our own hands for so long until realizing that our foundations aren’t strong enough. They are cracked. Or completely shattered. What God wants to build in each of our lives is an eternal, purpose-filled life, a life that we cannot muster or earn or build on our own strength. It takes a strong and sure foundation. When we put our faith in Jesus, we exchanged our faulty, self-made, crumbling foundation, broken by the weight of sin and darkness, for a sure footing on the brand new foundation of God, with Christ Jesus himself as the chief cornerstone.

As we surrender daily to Jesus, we begin to see him building what only He can build in us: eyes that see him, hearts filled with the things He loves, and lives which seek to serve those around us. His is a love which cannot be moved, and in Jesus we are given a kingdom that cannot be shaken. Jesus holds it all together and the Holy Spirit fills us with wisdom and revelation, revealing who God is to us. Revelation always moves us to act. If we have truly seen God for who He is, our desires will shift and eventually become His desires. As He changes our lives, we will long for others to “know and rely on the love God has” for both us and those around us.


Father, show me who you are today. Fill me with your heart—all the things you love and want me to love—and empty me of the things which don’t build up your kingdom. Then lead me in your love to, in turn, love those around me with the love of Christ. In Jesus’ name, Amen.