You called my name, and I ran out of that grave!

We as followers of Jesus can proclaim this because of who He is and what He has done. Sin doesn’t just make us bad; it makes us dead. We were all in desperate need of a Savior. Not only did Jesus die for our sin, but he was raised to everlasting life! He was the first to run out of that grave, and when we trust him with our lives we are right there with him in glory—eternal life both now and forever.

In John 11, Jesus raises a dead man to life, crying out at his tomb: “Lazarus, come out!”  He says the same to you and to me:  “_________, come out!” He knows your name, and calls you out of your grave. Get up! Unwind the grave clothes of sin and shame, you have been set free, raised to glorious life because of Jesus’ resurrection. All the chains of your past and the worries for your future have been swallowed up forever in victory. Scripture says that the very same Spirit who raised Christ from the dead is living in each of us who follow Jesus. This is a reality for you today. You can therefore declare confidently that God has called your name, and Jesus has defeated whatever threatens to entangle, discourage, or thwart you from this promise today.

Jesus, because of you, I have a future and my eyes are open. Thank you for calling my name! I worship you and give you glory. Let me not be taken down by apathy, entangled by old sins, or paralyzed by fear and discouragement. I believe chains break at the weight of your glory. Help me remember who you are, whose I am, and live a life that brings you glory. In your name, Amen.